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long time no post.....

January 24th, 2007 (07:34 pm)

hiya, long time no post !
i almost forgot my password and my username....took time to figure it out lol

neways, im loving hanayoridango2 and haikeichichiuesama ! 
how's everyone doing ? 
i might start my translations again, so if anyone have anything interesting.....hollar ! 

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change in situtation..

September 13th, 2006 (06:52 pm)

current location: in london!
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hi people ! 
i moved back to where my university is, and the place i live has a strict firewall (lol)
so i can no longer chat on mirc, so if you want something to be translated, just holler !
post a comment on some random post or something. 
i also have msn, so talk to me online ! 
i read the lastest winkup/duet/potato but i left the books in japan cuz it was too heavy to carry around (lol)
so if u want those translated, please give me a link to a good scan that i can actually read the words.

ciao <3

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2006/10 popolo translation part 4

September 7th, 2006 (07:15 pm)

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last but not least, sho-kun's interview !

Sakurai Sho Q&A Interview
Q: what is your favorite stamina menu for the summer ? 
A: i like eating hotpots even during summer. you can eat alot of vegtables and pork and it has a balanced diet.

Q: what are the things that sits around in your room that you can't throw away ?
A: letters. i have quite a lot, and even the ones i got a long time ago, i can't throw them away.

Q: what do you want to do over the summer ?
A: i want to go to the beach. i go to the beach once a year. i don't do marine sports, but i go to my friends place which is beside the beach and just relax.

Q: what is your memorable summer holiday homework ? 
A: i did a research about japanese famouse haiku. and i realized that there are 100 most famous haiku's in japan, and so i had to do a reseach on all 100 haikus....and during the summer i regret that i decided to do that research (lol)

Q: what makes you peaceful ?
A: music. i listen to music in my bedroom when i go to sleep.

Q: what made you touched recently ? 
A: i heard there was a lot of people who lined up to buy the tickets of "honey and clover" for the day i went to introduce the film. i was very touched.

Q: what made you cry recently ? 
A: when i go to locations for magomago arashi, sometimes grandma's look like they are about to cry....and that makes me want to cry too.

Q: what made you mad recently ?
A: i had a day off the other day, and i decided to go out shopping in the afternoon....but i fell asleep, and when i woke up it was alreay past their opening time....and i got mad at my self (lol)

Q: what made your heart beat faster recently ? 
A: my grandmother came to watch the concert the other day. and few days later, she sent me a letter and i felt loved <3

Q: what made you surprise recently ? 
A: i buy CD's all at once......the other day i found stacks of CD's that haven't opened yet. i was surprised at my self for buying so many CD's at once, and i was also surprised that i totally forgot (lol)

Q: please tell us a secret side of another member
A: i heard ohno-kun falls asleep during his clay work (lol)

Q: where are you writing your rap lyrics ? 
A: i write them at my home, or i stay at a hotel room to write it.

Q: when you go out for drinks, what do you normally start from ?
A: a glass of beer

Q: which part of your body can you show off other than your muscular arms ? 
A: no where  ~ (lol) okay, fine, maybe my belly ring which was a big mistake i made when i was young (lol)

Q: what do you want to say about "honey and clover" being a big hit ?
A: i am very happy that i was able to be in such a great production and im very happy that so many people came to watch! thank you!

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2006/10 popolo translation part 3

September 7th, 2006 (06:42 pm)

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solo interviews for matsujun and aiba-chan !

Aiba Masaki Q&A Interview
Q: what is your favorite stamina menu for the summer ? 
A: i guess the vitamin pills i take. i take it all the time not only during the concert tour.

Q: what are the things that sits around in your room that you can't throw away ?
A: basically, i can't throw away things people gave me. Like the signed volleyball that the players gave us during the first volleball tournament we cheered for, and the uniform Magic Johnson gave me, and beach flag Morris Green gave me. its really valuable, but i don't know where to keep them (lol)

Q: what do you want to do over the summer ?
A: i'll do it after the summer (lol) basically during the summer my schedule is filled with the concert tour. i'll do my own stuff after thats done.

Q: what is your memorable summer holiday homework ? 
A: i killed the snails with salt water. i experimented in which % of salt they start to die. if i think back now, its really gross. but at that time i only felt bad that i killed the snails.

Q: what makes you peaceful ?
A: the time before i go to sleep. i feel so relaxed when im

Q: what made you touched recently ? 
A: that i could do concerts and so many people will come to watch. i was really happy with the extra concert dates.

Q: what made you cry recently ? 
A: nothing really.

Q: what made you mad recently ?
A: nothing too. im doing concerts and my vegular tv shows so there isn't much time for me to get angry (lol)

Q: what made your heart beat faster recently ? 
A: well, theres a bunch of cats around my house lately. and i've been trying to make friends with them, and recently they've started not to scratch me. i was so happy <3

Q: what made you surprise recently ? 
A: nothing really. i know my self really well.

Q: please tell us a secret side of another member
A: i dont know cause im always with them....ill search on the net ! (lol)

Q: i heard you are very outdoor, but what kind of stuff do you do recently ? 
A: mini soccer ! it started as work, but now arashi is trying to make their own team as well. im looking for other members too.

Q: what kind of books do you want to read recently ? 
A: recently, i don't have the time to go to the book store....i really want to read something though.

Q: what was the worst batsu-game during the "aiba sugoroku" at "GnoArashi" ?
A: i think nino's nipple showing t-shirt. just like i guessed, it was really funny (lol)

Q: what was the best thing you ate during magomago Arashi's location ? 
A: I don't remember what i ate, but its all very good. it's just that im so busy that i can't remember what i ate (lol)

Matsumoto Jun Q&A Interview
Q: what is your favorite stamina menu for the summer ? 
A: EEL! because you get strength from it. on the day of eel (there a day in japan where you are supposed to eat eel) i bought myself a unadon at a supermarket.

Q: what are the things that sits around in your room that you can't throw away ?
A: the plastic bags from convinience stores....i keep them thinking i might need them to throw away trash...but now its just piling up (lol)

Q: what do you want to do over the summer ?
A: i've been to the sea once already this year, but i want to go again. and i also want to BBQ and do fireworks.

Q: what is your memorable summer holiday homework ? 
A: i made a wooden house once. but i did the same thing over and over again during my time at elementary school (lol) teachers change, so no one noticed (lol)

Q: what makes you peaceful ?
A: reading books. it could be about anything, ill just stick one in my bag, and i read it when im bored.

Q: what made you touched recently ? 
A: i had a opportunity to talk with Uekusa-san about johnnys jimusho the other day. we talked about really old stuff, and there was a lot that i didn't know. (uekusa is a member of the shonentai)

Q: what made you cry recently ? 
A: i love the song "kawa no nagare no youni" by misora hibari-san. and my friend sang that at karaoke the other day. it was really good and i felt like crying.

Q: what made you mad recently ?
A: i was on my car the other day, and i got stuck at the highway pay place....and i got pissed off

Q: what made your heart beat faster recently ? 
A: a 10 year old boy came to our concert, and he said that "you guys were cooler than harry potter !" (lol) i felt happy because adults don't have thoughts like this (lol) <3

Q: what made you surprise recently ? 
A: i eat so much recently. i ate my obento, and i ate two burgers, and i drank tonjiru after that. see, i eat so much right ? (lol)

Q: please tell us a secret side of another member
A: aiba-chan's hair before its styled looks like a jr.'s hair style...its so flat and he looks like a jr (lol)

Q: what do you want to do with your hair after the concert ? 
A: right now i have a hair extension on, but i want to take it off (lol) its really hard having it because it gets tangled up.

Q: what kind of progress did you make by being on "utawara" ? 
A: used to listen to people's ideas with a negative view, but now i try to have a positive view too. and i started to give importance on the "flow" of the talk.

Q: what makes you worry recently ? 
A: im not worried, but im always thinking about the concert these days and how to make it better.

Q: i heard you are the "do-S bancho", but what kind of episodes shows that you are do-S ?
A: i was playing mini soccer with aiba-chan during a photo shoot of another magazine. and the ball i kicked hit aiba-chan's face diretly (lol) i think he was hurt, but before i was apologizing, i was laughing my ass off (lol) and i thought oops (lol)  

comment: hmmm, i wondering now if matsujun is living on his own now (lol) collecting plastic bags and buy stuff from the super market ?! (lol)

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2006/10 popolo translations part 2

September 7th, 2006 (05:59 pm)

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the solo part of the interview!
nino and oh-chan !

Ninomiya Kazunari Q&A Interview
Q: what is your favorite stamina menu for the summer ? 
A: well, i don't really loose stamina during the summer, so i don't really have one. besides, during summer the studio and the concert rooms have airconditioning, so it's really cold.

Q: what are the things that sits around in your room that you can't throw away ?
A: i normally throw away things that i don't need. so there isn't anything that i don't need in my room.

Q: what do you want to do over the summer ?
A: i want to maintain my health. during concert tours, even though i becareful, there are times that i get injured. so i want to maintain my health.

Q: what is your memorable summer holiday homework ? 
A: i never did my homework....my teacher got mad at me, but all they can do was get mad at me on the first day we got back to school. but i remember that i grew morning glory during summer.

Q: what makes you peaceful ?
A: holidays (lol) although i don't have any (lol) i like not doing anything and just sit around.

Q: what made you touched recently ? 
A: hmm....i don't get touched easily, so i can't think of anything. people say "wow, how was your experience at hollywood?" but for me its not a big deal, and its the same working in japan, so i wasn't really touched/moved during my stay in LA too.....

Q: what made you cry recently ? 
A: i haven't cried recently. its only happens once a year or so for me. and it hasn't come yet this year.

Q: what made you mad recently ?
A: i've been upset quite a few times recently. you know how sometimes people have to be pissed off, or there needs to be someone thats "grumpy" at work to make work speed up and progress. so i act as if "nino has a bad attitude since he came back from LA" and so i get mad at people for other people too.

Q: what made your heart beat faster recently ? 
A: nothing.....you can't have a heart beating so fast all the time...(lol)

Q: what made you surprise recently ? 
A: that i wasn't tired after doing three concert a day. i was also surprised that our manager made us do three concert a day (lol)

Q: please tell us a secret side of another member
A: aiba-kun just said "hey, did you know that one of the member of in*sinc was gay?!" (lol)

Q: what do you want to do with your hair after it grows long ? 
A: i haven't thought of it yet

Q: what do you want to buy at akihabara now ?
A: nothing....i can't buy a new computer because i use programs that doesn't work on normal OS. i think the computer i own now will be my last one (TT)

Q: what kind of preparation are you doing for the "tekkin concrete" movie ? 
A: nothing yet. but i love the comic so i've read it before.

Q: you write the "game nikki", but do you read other people's writing on the j-web ?
A: nope, i just write.

Ohno Satoshi Q&A Interview
Q: what is your favorite stamina menu for the summer ? 
A: during the summer, i always eat noodle like soba and ramen, especiall on the day we have concerts! what i like, is my stamina menu!

Q: what are the things that sits around in your room that you can't throw away ?
A: well.....there isn't much things that sit around in my room, so naturally i can't throw anything away. my room is quite empty other than the stuff i use. the only furniture i need is my bed and i don't need anything else.

Q: what do you want to do over the summer ?
A: i will make my 100th clay object!

Q: what is your memorable summer holiday homework ? 
A: well....i never really remember doing homework at all....and especially experiments. good kids like yourself shouldn't copy me!

Q: what makes you peaceful ?
A: my friend. we make our clay art together, and we talk about stupid stuff but that makes me feel peaceful. it's nice having a friend who has the same hobby as you.

Q: what made you touched recently ? 
A: i feel touched when im looking at my clay objects. i like looking at the ones that went well.

Q: what made you feel like crying recently ? 
A: when the fans looked like they really need me during the concert. i like the feeling when someone needs me.

Q: what made you mad recently ?
A: i couldn't stop sneezing at my friends house. its so dusty. they should clean it properly! (lol)

Q: what made your heart beat faster recently ? 
A: when i look at the number of clay work at my house! i feel <3 ! (lol)

Q: what made you surprise recently ? 
A: i found out that i actually make my promise. i decided i will make 100 clay objects during this summer, and although im busy with the concert, im quite reaching my goal.

Q: please tell us a secret side of another member
A: i heard matsujun's hair extension is almost falling off.

Q: what is your favorite piece of art you made so far ? 
A: each one of them are my favorite. for the clay objects, their faces are exactly the same, but their clothing and hair style is different. recently, i made one that looks like johnny depp (lol) 

Q: the places you visited during magomago arashi, which city was the most memorable ? 
A: the city where i visited the figure museum ! i talked with the guy who opens the museum about figures and how to make them!

Q: whats the most important thing you have to do before you sing ?
A: to eat! if you sing without eating, you get a nausea! but if you eat too much, you feel sick. so eating something like soba is good.

Q: what do you think about people calling you "captain" ? 
A: nothing, im surprised that im so natural with being called captain ! (lol)

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2006/10 popolo translation part 1

September 6th, 2006 (10:51 pm)

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translations for 2006/10 issue popolo ! 
i'll translate the part where the five of them were all talking together. I might post up the solo interviews later if anyone's interested.

"The secrets that members only know of....Arashi's Concert Secret Talk x5"
*the members say they love concerts. Surely, the five look very happy during the concert, but sometimes they are laughing or giggling for no reason...or mouthing words we can't really hear....what was happening to them?!"

*Although they got the meals they yearned for......*
sakurai: at hokkaido, we ate jingiskhan right ? (jingiskhan = lamb stew)
aiba: yeah yeah yeah! it was so good!
matsumoto: although we ate is at a fairly late time (lol)
sakurai: i think the staff were just going to order room service at the hotel first....but when we got their, we decided we wanted to eat something "hokkaido-ish" so we started to sing the song "jin-jin-jingiskhan~" during the whole concert rehersal (lol) so the staff will notice (lol) but by the time the rehersal was over, it was part midnight so the five of us were like...."maybe not..." (lol)
ninomiya: we were the ones who were singing, so there wasn't a reason not to go (lol)
sakurai: no one said anything and said "oishii ne (delicious)!"......but don't you think room service was okay ? (lol)
ninomiya: true (lol) to show that, everyone left the restaurant as soon as they finished eating (lol)
aiba: but it was really good.
sakurai: but you know that restaurant, i think it was closed before we got there (lol)
ohno: they opend the place just for us ?! no wonder the chef was so low tension (lol)
aiba: during hiroshima concert we ate hiroshima okonomiyaki and played soccer game remember ? 
matsumoto: when you guys were playing video games, i was outside with the jr.'s playing real soccer. i was just kicking the ball to exercise, then the jr.'s joined in.
sakurai: oh really ? i heard that you were "kicking around" the jr.'s later on (lol)
aiba: they were saying that you mistaken them instead of the ball (lol) .....matsumoto-kun is really scary ! (lol)
matsumoto: i will never do such a thing ! (lol)
ohno: i was batteling with sho-kun. but im not going to do it anymore. he improved so much, he beat the heck out of me.
sakurai: well, i have a game master called ninomiya-san behind me. during the traveling time i was playing against him, and gradually i got better. and i told him that i beat ohno-kun, then he told me "good job" (lol)
ninomiya: well you're just a beginner for me tho.
ohno: there was a long time since we did a concert at yokohama arena ! it brought back old memories!
aiba: even during the 3concert a day period, we were so high we didn't really feel tired. although we dropped dead at the train back home. (lol)
sakurai: one thing i noticed is that there were a group of russian fans at the first row during yokohama. i noticed there were a bunch of caucasian ladies at the front and i read their sign saying......
ninomiya: "I LOVE RUSSIA" (lol)
all: laugh
ninomiya: oh, and the "love" was a love heart (lol)
aiba: we never really discussed it during the concert. a few hours before we were talking about it saying "you notied too?" (lol) normally wouldn't you have a sign saying "I LOVE JAPAN" ? (lol)
ninomiya: or they can be slightly nicer and say "I LOVE ARASHI" (lol)
sakurai: if they wanted to say something about themselves...it will be "I AM RUSSIA".....but we can't do a thing even they told us they love russia (lol)
matsumoto: they probably wanted to say that they are a bigger fan of Russia more than us (lol)
ninomiya: nahhh, impossible! i think there was a guy among the jr.'s who were back dancing for us called, "RUSSIA" (lol)

*Sakurai didn't know what to do with the crying fan...*
ninomiya: oh yeah, and i remember this girl with sho-kun's uchiwa started crying the moment we got on stage.
matsumoto: i was so surprised ! (lol) because that girl was dancing while she was crying (lol) but then she couldn't keep on dancing because she was crying so much (lol)
sakurai: i did my best, but she won't stop crying so i felt like i was doing something wrong.....
ohno: i always feel thankful to the fans.
sakurai: you know, its apparent now we talk like this. us five are mostly looking at the same spot during the concert ! (lol)
ninomiya: yeah really. 
sakurai: does it mean that we get along well ? (lol)
aiba: and you guys (fans) might not know, but we can see very clearly from the stage you know.
sakurai: so you guys have to be fancy when you're coming to the concert !
matsumoto: yeap, if you are coming to both of the concert on the same day, you have to go home after the first one to change clothes (lol)

*Ohno's mumbling on stage?*
matsumoto: my ear monitor for the concert is on the same channel with ohno-san, so i can hear him all the time, but most times he's saying weird stuff (lol) For example, during the song "gorimuchu", theres a line called "honjitsu wa seitennari" (today its going to be sunny!), and after he sings that line, he mumbles "its going to shine!" (lol) which has nothing to do with the song (lol)
all: laugh
ohno: oh.....you can hear that ?
all: laugh again
ninomiya: if you didn't know that he (matsumoto) could hear it, who were you saying it too ?! (lol)
ohno: well ~ i just want to say it....like during the song "kansha kangeki ame arashi", "smile again ~ arigatoo" then i say "ARASHI" (lol) 
ninomiya: thats the part the fans say ! why are you saying that ?
matsumoto: he was also saying something weird during "pikanchi double".....i couldn't sing properly because of him (lol)
ninomiya: im on the same channel with sho-kun.
sakurai: did i say something as well?
ninomiya: not really, but you sometimes don't sing at all....especially during the encore, you just say "hi hi hi!" to pump up the fans (lol)
aiba: i noticed that too (lol)
sakurai: well ~ concert is all about being high tension! (lol)
ninomiya: i guess. i think concert is the only place where people could see you like that.

*Aiba is suitable for musicals ?*
aiba: i don't have anyone on my channel, but i normally sing everything.
sakurai: you even sing other people's part (lol)
aiba: you can hear my voice more than you can on CD's (lol)
sakurai: he even sings the part where me and him don't sing, and it seems like i'm slacking off not doing work, but that's not true!
aiba: thats how concerts go!
sakurai: you know some people sing other people's song during karaoke ? he is like that (lol)
ninomiya: aiba-san cannot "not" sing. when he's excited, he has to make it in tune.
matsumoto: oh, then you should do musicals!
ninomiya: thats what i was thinking for a while!
sakurai: if you go through all the concert DVD's, you can see how much aiba-chan is singing (lol)
matsumoto: but the PA(microphone system) staff knows when we are supposed to sing, so they turn off our voice during the times when we are not supposed to sing (lol)
aiba: well, its not the matter whether or not i get heard. im just trying to be high so it doesn't matter.
ohno: thats true. i never knew my mumbling was also heard, but thats okay. thats live concerts !
sakurai: ohno-san, how positive are you today ? (lol)

*Everyone so surprised with nino's speed of getting ready*
matsumoto: nino is always playing games, right before the concert starts.
sakurai: right, he plays the game with un-styled hair, so i say "nino, don't you have to get ready?"....and the next moment his hair is done (lol)
all: laugh
sakurai: we style our hair ourselves, but im always surprised by nino's speed!
ninomiya: well.....because the topic is on hair.....leader goes out on stage with a hair style he shouldn't...(lol) his back hair is like...sticking out (lol)
sakurai: isn't that narutal style hair ? (lol)
ohno: eh? my hair is really like that ?
sakurai: but leader, you always check the back of your head too right ? i've seen you do that.
ohno: yeah. im always being careful.
matsumoto: but there are times when your hair is like that.
aiba: well, that bump is going to shrink during the concert with the sweat and all...right ?
ohno: yeah!
ninomiya: so that means your hair isn't perfect when you go on stage ?
ohno: .........well...who cares! thats not the most important thing!
ninomiya: oh ic ic .....so where is the most important thing?
ohno: i guess.......the whole stage?
sakurai: the whole stage includes your hair ohno-san (lol)

*Matsujun is always calm*
ninomiya: matsujun always slips during the concert....he did it during this tour already.
aiba: i've heard that, but i've never really seen him slip my self.
matsumoto: its because of the CO2 machine (smoke machine)....the floor is black, and the machine is black, so i didn't know where the smoke was coming from, and i slipped with the smoke right under my shoes.
sakurai: are you serious ? isn't is quite embarassing to slip during the concert ?
matsumoto: of course. and it wasn't even during a song.....i was during the coda of the last line of the song....and it wasn't a slip....i actually fell down, and i still have a bruise inside my toe nail (lol)
all: laugh
sakurai: thats a.....quite large "slip" (lol)
ninomiya: and it was during his solo....
aiba: even then, you just stand up and act "cool" ? 
matsumoto: .............yes.............(lol)
sakurai: well, thats actually the only thing you can do (lol)
aiba: you can't really laugh....
ninomiya: and you can't really pretend for so long that you are hurt......
matsumoto: if i act like i was hurt, then people will start to worry (lol)
aiba: i slipped during a outdoor concert too. when you fall down so hard, even the fans can't laugh and they kinda stare at you........(lol) but i have to make sure i won't do it again.
matsumoto: the summer has just began! i like this summers tour because we use up the whole summer
ohno: at the end of august we are coming back to yokohama to do another three days, and after that we are going overseas, so we'll "ganbaru" until then! 

comment: i think fans should think of weirder uchiwa's to make arashi totally confused. (lol)

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Arashi Summer Tour 2006 pamphlet translation part 6

September 4th, 2006 (02:31 pm)

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Arashi Summer Tour 2006
Arashic * Arachic * Arasick * Cool&Soul

Captain is mostly very quiet and gentle. And he always puts in so much effort.....theres a clear line between when he is "off" and "on". I think im similar to him in that sense.....we'll maybe everyone is like that. Especially these three (Aiba, Sakurai, Ohno) (lol) And thats why we get along so well. We work together during the day, and when we're done, we go out for drinks together. It's so weird because when we say "bai bai", we know that we're going to see each other again in a few hours time again for work (lol) I love that kind of relationship. I can't get enough of it!
Nino is the most childish out of the five (lol) When we start playing video games, it's always nino who pulls us in (lol) Nino and I get together and say "okay lets do it"....and the other three will join in soon or later. It's the same when we go bowling...its always him and me. So he's my starting point. And i've also never see nino tired. I don' think he shows that he's tired in front of me. Even if he is actually tired, if i ask him to play video games with me...he joins. Well, maybe he's trying to hide it from me.....not hide, but he doesn't show it delibrately. I just this thats his character. But i know he's a very sensitive guy.
Sho-kun and i get along so well....and he is such an idiot (lol) We are so similar......like the actions we take. When we just formed Arashi, this fortune teller looked at the stars of Arashi. And the other three were all different, but sho-kun and I were on the same star. Back then, i thought we weren't similar at all.....but now i see why (lol) I think the lady who looked at our star is a genius (lol) In the past few years, its been apparent how much sho-kun and I are similar. The difference between our "on" and "off" is also the same! We go crazy during our "off" (lol)
Matsujun....i found out i like him quite a lot. Our perspectives are very different....and so when i hear what he says, i think realize that there are a lot of different ways to look at things. I think noticing those stuff is really important....and its good that we have members who are totally different....or else its not fun. Because we have been spending our time together, now i can roughly guess his thought on one thing. It's fun being with him because he has such a different view compared to me. Our drinking style is also very different (lol) He takes so long! (lol) I think thats fun too (lol) We always spill stuff too (lol) And i don't really get pissed off at it too....its like "AGAIN?" (lol) Deep down, he is such a kind guy. I'm not sure if i can say this....but he is quite different from what he shows as his "character" on the outside. I think thats important since our job need a side like that. And i want him to remain like he is now....and thats why i like him!

Ohno Satoshi - Kun even i can't explain his personality and what he's like (lol) He doesn't really say his feelings or what he's thinking inside. But he gave me a text message 2 minutes before the last day of my butai. I think he wrote it with nino.....what it said ? It said "Congratulations for your last show! It's a party tonight!" (lol) I think it's only the members i can accept these kind of stuff. Normally, i hate emails or phone calls right before the opening of a stage. But i love it when its from a member. Because they know what im doing, and what im feeling before the stage. Knowing what im going through......they cheer me up. Oh....also, although he doesn't say anything, he is always keeping an eye on us. I admire him in that sense. I also keep an eye on everyone else, and watch them....but i can't keep what i think to my self....so i say it out loud. But he doesn't.....and i admire that.
Sakurai Sho - Kun ....I've been listening to Arashi songs since the concert is coming up, and naturally i would listen to a lot of the raps he wrote. We started writing the rap lyrics half way through Arashi's music carrer....and he has been doing it since then. And when i listen to the old songs, i can see a big improvement. I think the way he uses words are very unique and original. I'm not sure what he thinks of his own piece of work, but from my point of view, his work  is always "new" and original. We (the four) never write rap lyrics, but even we can see the improvement these days.
Aiba Masaki - Kun he always had this talent to make the air relaxed....but thesedays, he's learning from his senpai "shimura ken"san, which is adding another level to his talent. By absorbing new techniques, he is adding a new side to Arashi. For example, he never used to say opinions for our show, but thesedays, he often makes advice on how we can make the show more interesting and fun. He has his own opinion and views on how we wants the show to become, and thats great because I was the only one who used to push foward "arashi's" opinion. The advice he says are useful and his ideas are actually great......well, he has always been the most stupid genius (lol) 
Ninomiya Kazunari - Kun this is my personal impression, but i think nino changed quite a lot since he went to LA. He was always "buoyant", and there were sides of him that he never showed to people. But since he came back, i think he's starting to show those things to us bit by bit. I have this feeling that he's filled with power right now.....and accelarating. I think he has good flow, and im happy to see that. One thing i can say about nino is that he loves to have fun with the five of us, but he draws a clear line between the time we can fool around, and the times we have to be severe. I've been feeling that recently, and i love it because i like working in a serious atmosphere. 

Let's start off with captain shall we ? Captain is a very kind person. Even if it's the most unpleasant job....we will do it when it needs to get done. That's the type of person he is. Also....he keeps on telling me thesedays that he wants a chainsaw.....but i don't get him at all (lol) He's kind but he's also a weirdo...(lol) It's not like i understand everything about him. This goes for the rest of the member....but everyone in Arashi keeps a certain distance from each other. Because they are all kind, nice mannered people, they instictly know that its not good to be "too much" for someone. Things won't be the same if we are too close. I'm there are a lot of things i don't know about the member. For example, if someone was in a bad mood, no one asks why, but they just leave them alone. During variety shows, if the members didn't look like they want to talk about the topic, we jsut move on. Well........sometimes we do the opposite to make them piss off (lol) But i don' really analyse too much, so its hard for me to answer questions like "what kind of personality does the members have?". My opinion changes from time to time. It's like the weather. You can't really say "they are like this". So if the weather report is not correct....people get angry right ? (lol) So i'd rather keep quiet. I can say something superficial like "oh he's stupid" or "he's a genius"....but if i have to be serious about them, i can't say anything thoughtless. 
So if there was something i could say about the members right now.....what could i say ? During the first 4 month of this year, i was working alone for the most of time...it was only since may we got back together to work as a five. Don't you guys wonder what i was doing ? On my own for such a long time (lol) I'm having the greatest time with them right now. I realized how great Arashi is, when i saw the variety shows of four of them while i was in LA. Even though i wasn't there, during their talk, there were gaps where i would have said something. I think the four felt weird doing the shows on their own, but as a viewer of the show, i felt like nothing changed. They didn't change the style just because i wasn't there, and they did it the usual "arashi" way. I felt really happy by it. I felt like i had room to go back. So it's actually nice to work on solo because i can be remined that im not alone. I have a place to go back and the four are always with me. 

Sho - kun, its really fun watching him thesedays...(lol) I think he's going totally nuts thesedays (lol) He's really funny. He keeps on saying what he thinks. Like...."ahhh... i slept so much"...."darn i slept for so long"...."i slept so much!" (lol) He keeps on saying it over and over again (lol) "AH! that was really fun" "it was fucking fun" "gosh that was..." So it's really easy to tell what he's thinking (lol) I'd think wow, he must have slept for a long time...or wow, he must had so much fun (lol) I don't think he notices but he's really saying the same thing over and over again...(lol) And thats fun to watch (lol) He's really high tension for most of the time thesedays....or sleeping. He's the funniest thing for Arashi right now (lol)
Matsujun, is a very busy guy. He does dramas, butais, movies, all at once! Right now he's doing the filming of the movie and also doing the concert rehersals....All of those at once, i won't be able to handle it (lol) Matsujun gets bombarted with jobs....which are mostly acting jobs.....and i think i won't be able to do that. I have to get them one by one (lol) well, its not that i couldn't do it, but.....i can't imagine my self handling it well. So matsujun is a very tough guy. He keeps an eye on everything, and i think he's the most grown up among Arashi. He's always concentrating on his job. 
Nino, never changes....i was really happy when i noticed that he hasn't changed a bit since he came back from LA. I think he has this "core" himself, and that never changes. He still plays games all the time. And his actions never change as well. I'm sure he's changing inside. He's going through a lot and maturing while he experience a lot of different jobs, but that doesn't show on the outside. So when you just see his actions, he never change since he was a kid. But im sure he has grown a lot inside.
Aiba-chan, is the type of person who thinks a lot. You can tell from his expressions. Unlike the other three, his inside shows on the outside, so its easy for me to tell what he's going through. When he's happy, when he's down.....i think he's the easiest....wait....no, im the easiest to tell (lol) I show everything on my expressions (lol) But on the otherside, i think he's one of the smartest. He can change is thinking quickly from one another. When he's not thinking, he's really not thinking about anything (lol) But when he is, he thinks deeply. 

Nino, doesn't change at all right ? Even though he goes to hollywood....it can't change him. And i think thats his strength. Now i have great confidence that he won't change no matter what. Recently, we call his sarcastic comments the "devil's comments" (lol) Naturally, he's the devil (lol) I like those comments. A turning point for the "devil comment" was the comment he made during "G no Arashi" when we were making pickled straberries.....he said they look like a granny's nipples (lol) And that was a revolution inside me(lol) He uses words that i will never come up with (lol) I think......our perspectives and what we see is the same, but the output is drastically different between nino and me. So thats really interesting for me.
I spend most time with Aiba-chan thesedays.  We're together during work...and after that we go out to have drinks....I'm with will "on" and "off" (lol) I think we are becoming more like....pure friends. You know how old people become like babies after a certain time ? Their maturing stops and it rewinds back. We used to be colleges....but thats rewinding, and now we are jsut basically becoming friends. 
Matsumoto-kun changed over the past year or so. Like how he wore the stocking during "G no Arashi". He would have never done that if this was a few years before. I think he's relaxed more and taking things easy. I've noticed that during the past year and i love how he's becoming more.....relaxed.
Ohno-kun is really an artist. During the movie shooting of "kiiroi namida" he showed me his clay work.....and it really.....turned me off....it was so good and realistic (lol) I've noticed that he's doing quite a lot of reading thesedays, but its all about art (lol) So i always think he's an artist. He sometimes talk about doing a art exibition. I wish he does it soon, because i really want people to see his work. The other day, we were playing games, and ohno-kun got bored and started playing with clay....And i realized he was just staring at us. So i asked him what he was doing....then he said "i was wondering how people are shaped...."..........I can't even communicate with him when it comes to art (lol) I think he's moving with his senses. And i love that. 
Group wise, i think there is a big differnce before and after nino was gone. We were doing solo works for the past few month, and i thought we will get bored of each other during the promotion of kitto daijyobu and the summer concert tour, but we're not bored at all (lol) They are just interesting and fun people (lol) I'm having a lot of fun too. I guess our group is in a very good place right now. Of course right ? Because we're in the second chapter ! 

comment: done done done ! if anyone has something they want to get translated....tell me !

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Arashi Summer Tour 2006 pamphlet translation part 5

September 3rd, 2006 (11:51 pm)

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Arashi Summer Tour 2006
Arashic * Arachic * Arasick * Cool&Soul 

Last but not least.....sho-chan ! 
after sho-chan, ill translate the page where arashi talk about the members ! 

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Arashi Summer Tour 2006 pamphlet translation part 4

September 3rd, 2006 (10:35 pm)

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Arashi Summer Tour 2006
Arashic * Arachic * Arasick * Cool&Soul

here comes oh-chan's interview !!!!

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Arashi Summer Tour 2006 pamphlet translation part 3

September 2nd, 2006 (10:18 pm)

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Arashi Summer Tour 2006
Arashic * Arachic * Arasick * Cool&Soul

next is nino's part ! *pants*
oh yeah, if anyone finds typo or spelling mistakes....just look away and remove it from your memory ! (lol)

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